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What is coursework?

Year work is given to students within a particular subject and its processing is necessary for successful completion of the school year. Preparation of the course work is a condition for the completion of the study year at a number of secondary schools, colleges and universities. In secondary schools, the first year’s work is usually not classified. It is evaluated only verbally and prepares students for the preparation of future yearly theses within the university study.

Individual steps in writing coursework

Choice of coursework topic

The topic of the course work is chosen by the student or a group of students themselves or chosen from the topics offered by the teacher. If students choose their topic themselves, the teacher must approve it. Unlike the topics of diploma, bachelor, rigorous or dissertation theses, the topics of the course work are very limited, they correspond with the focus of the given subject and are designed to extend the student’s horizon in the given field beyond the curriculum.

Consultation and supervisor

The teacher of the course, who assigns the student a year’s work, usually becomes his / her supervisor. During the first consultation, the student is obliged to give his / her supervisor an annotation of coursework. Annotation of coursework should have a range of 10-15 lines. In particular, it should indicate the main focus of the work and the preliminary work breakdown. Another necessity that the annotation must include is a list of literature and sources from which the student will draw during his / her coursework. For research studies, the preliminary outline of research should also be outlined. Annotation of the course work is therefore very similar to the annotation of a bachelor, diploma, doctoral or rigorous thesis.

Submission of coursework

The time allowed for the preparation of coursework may vary from one school to another. The student can elaborate the coursework in the winter and summer semester (half-year) of the given academic year, or the course work can be awarded within the summer semester of the given academic year with the date of submission in the winter semester of the following academic year.

The way of submitting the course work as well as the method of submitting the qualification works again differs according to the type of school where it is awarded. Usually, however, it is required that the coursework be submitted in a hardcover and its electronic copy.

What follows after submitting the coursework?

After submitting the course work, a form of defense may follow. The defense of the course work is the same as the defense of the bachelor’s and master’s thesis. The student briefly presents his work and possible results of his research and answers the questions of the supervisor.

Coursework structure


The scope of coursework varies depending on the age of the students, the school and the subject in which it is awarded. Of course, the year thesis is usually more extensive than a paper or a seminar paper.

Coursework structure

The yearly work can be focused in the same way as the bachelor’s thesis theoretically or practically. Theoretical course work consists of introduction, theoretical part of the thesis and conclusion. The introduction of the course work is used to briefly describe the topic of this thesis, the conclusion then summarizes the most important ideas contained in the thesis. Practically oriented course work consists of introduction, theoretical part, practical part and conclusion. The practical part usually includes the application of newly acquired knowledge to a particular problem of the given field. At the end of the practical-oriented course, seminar, bachelor, diploma or dissertation, the interpretation of the results obtained and the conclusions derived from these results may not be missing. At the end of the course work, the list of sources used must also be listed

Methods of coursework preparation

Unlike bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral or rigorous thesis, year-round theses have two methods of processing, ie individual and group processing. For group processing of coursework, cooperation of all members of the group is necessary. Management and the way of cooperation is mostly left to the students, so they learn not only to process professional work, but also to participate appropriately in group activities. However, each student should participate in the elaboration of the course work equally and its share should be carefully defined in the text of the course work.

The style of writing coursework

Professional writing style

The yearly thesis is one of the professional texts, the level of required expertise is higher than in the paper, but it is not as high as in the case of bachelor or diploma work. The author’s own opinion on the issue is often a part of the course work. However, the student must be aware of the fact that it is not a consideration (essay) where personal opinion is the basis of the text.

Why are the course papers assigned?

This year’s thesis serves students to prepare for writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis. This type of work enables students to learn to work with professional resources and to learn how to create professional work with all its formal requirements. Another benefit of coursework is the opportunity to learn how to work with the supervisor.

Evaluation of coursework

The supervisor evaluates the work in terms of formal and content. The same criteria are used, for example, when evaluating a seminar paper. From a formal point of view, it mainly evaluates the composition of the work, the correctness of the language, the quality of the literature used and the accuracy of the bibliographic data. The basic criterion of content is the fulfillment of the given topic and the originality of the work. However, the ability to extract specific conclusions and work with professional sources is also evaluated. An integral part of the assessment is, of course, the student’s approach to individual consultations with the supervisor of the course work.

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