How to Craft an Excellent Article

How to Craft an Excellent Article

In your classes, your instructor will always ask you to write an article or participate in an actual test and pass. They want to gauge how good of a student you are and how prepared you are to handle real-life situations. Hence, writing an excellent article will contribute a lot to your general grades. You will earn an approval form by being in the high 50% probability of achieving excellent marks in your article.

For every task given to you, first thing first, go to your coursework and make a list of every important question that you should answer. If you have to do an assignment, create a planner that shows you the various parts that you will be required to go over and include all the relevant topics. Each task will require you to write different sections and subheadings that need to be reviewed, and during the writing process, you will have to read the assignment aloud to yourself to make sure you have summarized each piece of information correctly.

However, writing an article requires a lot of preparation and practice. Even though it may seem straightforward at the first glance, the most challenging part is when you are breaking down the entire article into relevant but well-explained parts. Let us see some of the important steps to come when writing a good paper, and if you find them easy, you may still have the time to polish it up when required.


Start by reading as much as you can about the given topic. The research helps you to understand the patterns in your text, and the systematic way the ideas are explained is a crucial ingredient in making your work interesting. In the search results, find as many articles as you can read on the subject and highlight them at random.

Create an outline

Once you have read and understood all the information you need on the paper, create an outline by laying them out in a hierarchical manner.

  • The abstract section is needed because it helps your reader get a glimpse of what the paper is about.
  • Introduction section is an overview of the key points of the paper, and this part must be written in simple sentences. While you can say something like:
  • Who am I?
  • What do I want to say?
  • In this case, why?
  • What is my intent?
  • How do I think about this issue?
  • How do I explain this issue?

These points that are mostly included in the introduction include your thesis statement and the purpose of the paper.

Write the first draft

Finish your outline by writing a couple of drafts. Although you wrote all your points by discussing and highlighting them, you can write some shorter sentences and shorten the paragraphs that were not informative enough to stand out.

If you still find it hard to write, hire professional writers to assist you.

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