General Guidelines for Writing a Great Article

General Guidelines for Writing a Great Article

Many students like to know what is expected of them. Unfortunately, this usually results in simple rules which they quickly learn but do not always result in excellent results. Writing an excellent paper means that you need to pay attention to these crucial things:

  • Selecting a topic that interests you.
  • Understanding the required approach.
  • Gaining the correct structure for the article.
  • A well-planned and implemented research.
  • Saying no to laziness
  • Budgeting
  • Relaying the correct structure

To achieve all these requirements, a student has to be creative. The chances of your paper thriving are much higher if you are indeed taking chances. Likewise, everything you do must be deliberate. You cannot just be caught up in the moment and think you are good enough to write a perfect paper.

Here are guidelines for writing a good article:

Introduce the Topic

The topic determines the focus of your paper. It ought to be interesting to attract the reader’s interest and motivate them to peruse the rest of the paper. It is also the area you should dedicate all your time to making it.

The reader will most likely get bored after the first paragraph of the article if the topic is not intriguing. The introductory part must not be many sentences, but it ought to include a hook and some useful content.


The objective of the writing is to gather enough data to support your thesis statement. It is essential to select a topic that you are willing to research. If the research is not challenging enough, you can always find better topics that are similarly interesting.


A well-designed article should follow a structure. The entire writing process will then start from this point. All information for your piece must appear in the first few paragraphs, and after this, a lot of the remaining text will be dedicated to supporting your argument. It is worth noting that this usually starts a bit after the thesis statement. The most vital section is the introduction.

The first part must be clearly stated and must provide data. However, you should take your time to ensure that the sections work towards demonstrating and justifying your thesis.

Sections in this part will help you address specific claims from the thesis. You should also keep it short to avoid giving it too much information to cover. Also, it is sensible to leave the reader satisfied that there is enough data to support your view. Therefore, the presentation should be intentional, straightforward, and truthful.

The Body

A significant part of your paper will be made up of paragraphs. Each of these must have a single idea. Always start with a subject sentence and list all the relevant pieces of evidence to support your claims. Do not repeat the arguments once more.

Since you will be talking about the most recent research, it is essential to start with a simple topic that has not been extensively covered before. With that out of the way, it is time to add relevant information to support your ideas.

The Conclusion

The conclusion ought to give a summary of the central points and allow the reader to draw their own conclusions. This will not only convince them that your article is sound but also that they will learn something from it.

In summary, the writing process of a good article requires you to pay attention to these aspects. Of course, it is not easy, and this will help you write the best article.

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