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The essay is a demanding journalistic unit that combines elements of reflection, feuilletons, glosses or comments. Therefore, the definition of an essay is not unambiguous, but in simple terms, an essay reflects on and evaluates a particular problem or a frequently occurring phenomenon. In addition to a thorough analysis of the topic, the essays should come up with an original solution, they should offer an unconventional perspective. The right (the current language norm allows for both the masculine and feminine gender for the word “essay”) the essay should provoke the reader to ask questions and reflect on the subject.

Since the essays are among the most demanding departments, we would like to present an article on behalf of the server that will answer your question how to write an essay. Read on to find out what the right essay should look like, how to write an essay in English, and also see an example of an essay. If you ask the following questions, it’s time to read our essay article:

  • How to write an essay to suit both the formal and the content aspects?
  • How to choose a topic for an essay?
  • How to write an essay in English?
  • What is the outline of the essay?

How to write an essay

The first step in writing an essay is probably a choice of topic. As a rule, the essay deals with abstract subjects, not with everyday matters (as opposed to glossary or classical commentary). However, you can structure your essay by demonstrating a more general phenomenon based on a particular event. Remember that your topic should be of interest to the reader, but it is not necessary to try to please at any cost, for example by resorting to tabloid affairs, etc.

Another point to consider when writing an essay is scope. It cannot be set binding for all essays, but it should definitely be longer than, for example, considerations or feuilletons (sometimes A4 pages are required in schools).

The syllabus of the essay is much looser and more open than the others. However, this does not mean that it is not present at all in the essay. The main thing is that the text is coherent, ie that the writer does not jump from one thought to another without any kind

Essay sample

In this paragraph, we would like to offer you an example of an essay, which shows you how to attract the reader’s attention right from the start:

There is no freedom and equality! Certainly, at least for one who revels in obscurity, inexperience and other undisciplined manifestations of folk nature. With democracy, with egalitarianism, it is similar to nudism. Why should we be ashamed of nudity? Which robe is tastier than a beautiful human body? But who has a really beautiful body? If all people were naked, you would never want to go out on the street again, where the more beautiful bodies would disappear in a flood of ugly or at least comically acting bodies. Let’s face it, who has a really good ass for a public performance? It is certain that few have a body that does not bother our aesthetic and erotic senses, and for this reason it is certainly unreasonable to recommend that all people go naked to all people to indulge in nudism. And just as it is nonsensical to proclaim the idea of equality, democracy and freedom, because even fewer people have a spirit that does not offend the most basic rules of logic and taste. Most people are nerds, mental assholes, and there are still considerable differences in their level of sophistication in the rest of the people. What then is nonsense to strive for their equalization? Why should imbecil, a shameless politician, a illiterate, and a politically cultured man have the same voting right? If crippling the spirit was no less obvious and unrecognizable as the impotence of the body, the Democrats would surely be regarded as the most crazed sect in the world, for greater fools and immorality than the nudists. Democracy is political nudism, and it is a pity that much water will pass before it is recognized and before it is recognized that every office generic, haberdashery merchant or joiner journeyman is sitting in the forefront of the government is more disgusting and fatal than letting naked stokilos on the beaches baby.

Essay Reflections Scenarios

If we are talking about an essay, we can also briefly mention two very similar essays – scenarios and reflections.

The script is a textual work of a theater performance, film or television production. This is a list of all actors’ dialogues and monologues, but also a list of instructions for sounding, lighting the scene, deploying backdrops and other dramatic effects. In the screenplay, the planned non-verbal manifestations of actors (such as grimaces, emotions, gestures, movement on stage,…) and all that cannot be read from direct replicas of characters should also be literally and explicitly marked.

Reflection is in its content a genre close to essay or feuilleton, but it differs from them both in scope and in a more closed and rigid form. Thus, unlike the essay, the reasoning should clearly have a clear introduction, then three paragraphs developing arguments and a final paragraph, where the author summarizes previous observations and expresses his opinion. For more information on reflection, see: How to Write a Reflection and Reflection.

Essay in English

If you write an essay in English, it is definitely a good idea to pay close attention to the language of your essay. Keep in mind that the essay should also attract the richness of vocabulary and stylistic skills, so do not hesitate to take the help of the dictionary and take the time to find the right expression. It is also good to know a few turns that the author introduces to his own opinion, such as: in my opinion, I suppose, I assume, from my point of view, as I am concerned, I would argue that, etc. When switching from one The paragraphs to the second one will come in handy with terms like, however, anyway, on the other hand, all in all, in conclusion and many others.

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