All You Need To Know About Grade 12 Book Reports

Top Tips For Writing a Grade 12 Book Report

A book report is an essential writing tool to understand when writing schoolwork. It is an essay where a student discusses or expound on their ideas relating to a story they have read. The essay reports should be free of grammar errors to showcase a learner’s depth of understanding.

Being a function of a child’s age, book reports are written to gauge their understanding of the topic. The books taught in the classroom primarily include books as the subject to discuss. Hence, all children must master the skill of writing a book report from a young age.

Grade 12 Book Report Structure

To write a grade 12 book report in the best way possible, it is recommended that each student start with the manuscript they are reading. Each book should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Start your report with an introduction that is informative and relates the story. State your stance regarding the story’s content, hypothesis, and hypothesis. Paraphrase your opinion in each paragraph to show your understanding of the argument. When writing the book report, focus on the relevant information relating to the subject. Aim to reduce all terms and examples to their simplest form. Also, include any statistics in the report. Note that some of the books in the topic you are considering have plot twists that are worth mentioning.

Annotate Your Report

When working on your report, use notes to the book to remind yourself of any relevant points you may have missed while reading. Also, it is beneficial to jot down notes of the paraphrased materials you use in the report. The paraphrases should be related to your research question or hypothesis.

Format Your Report

Provide each of the sections in chronological order that uses numbers from the introduction and body paragraphs to the conclusion. A relevant format for a book report includes:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Title page
  • Year of publication
  • Page numbers
  • Author’s address
  • Publisher
  • Page imprint

How to State the Hypothesis

A hypothesis should state the main arguments you have for your article. The hypothesis can relate to the theme, fictional characters, or events you discussed. State the general facts your paper uses to defend your thesis, and the underlying findings. Lastly, write a thesis statement that states the main point of your paper.

Next Steps

Commencing the book report is a crucial step to writing it excellently. Since you are familiar with the structure, know that some students may miss the first page that contains the subject. It is recommended to read the book and discuss the relevant points from the book.

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